XMP Specification
Public Patent License
Adobe Systems Incorporated

The XMP Specification provides a standard format for the definition, creation and processing of metadata in a variety of applications. Adobe may own patented technology disclosed in the specification. We offer this patent license to all individuals and organizations in the world in order to encourage the use of metadata in the XMP format.

Public License

Adobe grants every individual and organization in the world the right, under all Essential Claims that Adobe owns, to make, have made, use, sell, import and distribute Compliant Implementations. If a licensee brings (or participates in the bringing of) a lawsuit or similar action against any other party claiming that a Compliant Implementation infringes an Essential Claim, Adobe may revoke the rights granted above to such licensee. Upon such revocation, such rights will be deemed to have never been granted.

No Warranty

The XMP Specification and the license granted above are provided without warranty of any kind, including warranty of title or non-infringement. Nothing in this document shall be construed as requiring the maintenance of any patent, a warranty or representation as to the validity or scope of any patent, an agreement to protect or cooperate with any party or to bring or prosecute actions against any party, or a grant of any right under any patent claim other than an Essential Claim.

Reservation of Rights

All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.


"Compliant Implementation" means the portion of an application, product, or service that defines, creates, stores or processes metadata compliant with the XMP Specification.

"Essential Claim" means a claim of a patent, whenever and wherever issued, that is necessarily infringed in order to achieve compliance with the requirements of the XMP Specification. A claim is necessarily infringed only when there is no reasonable way to avoid infringement of that claim when defining, creating, storing or processing metadata.

"XMP Specification" means any version of the XMP Specification published by Adobe. By way of example only, any specification not published by Adobe or that incorporates the XMP Specification by reference is not the XMP Specification for purposes of this license.